Basic Content Questions


The first class of questions is called the Basic Content Question. You can find all the information to generate (and answer) these simple, straight-forward questions directly in the text. Ask these questions in the four topic areas Characters, Settings, Actions, and Objects!


Who are main characters? Who are minor characters?

Wer sind die Hauptfiguren? Wer sind die Nebenfiguren


Name? Age? Profession? 

Name? Alter? Beruf?


How does the text describe the characters? Are there any adjectives?


Where is the action situated?

Wo findet die Handlung statt?


Any adjectives?

When does the plot take place? Time of the day? Season? Historical Era?

Wann findet die Handlung statt? Tageszeit? Jahreszeit? Historische Epoche?



What happens in the text? Is there a plot, a beginning, an ending?

Was passiert im Text? Gibt es eine Handlung? Einen Anfang? Ein Ende?


What are the characters doing, thinking, and feeling?

Was machen die Figuen? Was denken sie? Was fuehlen sie?



Are there striking objects in the text? Do they recur?

Gibt es besondere Objekte im Text? Treten Sie mehrmals in Erscheinung?