In order to come up with an interpretation based on the question you have generated, you have to do the following steps in this order:

Begin with an elaboration of the Global Question. This is a mini-intro for this short essay and a focus of your interpretation. It may also be a thesis. The Global Question, the last reflection while reading the text, is the first step when writing the interpretation.

Then, don't return to this Global Question. Instead, go again and again through the following sequence in different topic areas until you run out of ideas. This serves as a proof of your thesis:

  1. Basic content questions (refer to the text)
  2. Interpretative questions (Interpret the text)
  3. Cross-cultural questions (if meaningful)

The following text serves as a example for a short interpretation based on the technique of generating questions. While reading this interpretation closely, please reflect carefully on the question-type and on the actual wording on the questions that underly this interpretation:

The text is a reaction to the desperate situation of people immediately after WWII in Germany.

The cityscape is described as dark and appears hostile. The absent moon and stars symbolize the lack of hope and longing for the future.

Some characters in the text are crippled and wear uniforms. They are German WWII veterans. It is important to stress that the idea of the WWII veteran in the German cultural discourse is very different from an American idea of the WWII veteran. While the American veteran returned as a celebrated hero into an intact society, the German veteran returned as a murder into a ruined homeland.