FEB 27 Meeting

working on...

date: Feb 16
project: Business Alumni Campaign Illustrations
lead: Suloni
Design four Art Deco people for the campaign.
status: Touch ups on AI, start on next sketch

STA WikiWikiWiki imageSTA WikiWikiWiki image

date: Oct 26
project: Korean Homepage
lead: Suloni
Design with Katie a homepage for the new Korean Instructional site.
status: Make additional changes

STA WikiWikiWiki image

date: Jan 31, Feb 2
project: COLA Homepage Weekly Updates
lead: Suloni, Andre
Updating new Video Podcast on the COLA Homepage each week.
status: DONE

date: Jan 31
project: STA Knowledge Base
lead: Andre, Suloni
Documenting procedures for various projects. Need to add Video Podcast Updating.
status: Working


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